Stop the water while using me!

For 5 years I was in charge of the visual communication for Stop the water while using me! as well as helping to develop the brand and the products. As a young, innovative natural cosmetics brand, we were often faced with great challenges because we didn't copy things, but explored new paths and set new standards.

Capsule collection STW × Closed

In 2020, we launched "THE LIMITED" – a soap and clothing collection in collaboration between the natural cosmetics brand "Stop the water while using me!" and the fashion brand "Closed". It is produced in a particularly environmentally friendly way and provokes a rethink with its clear message and minimalist design. The eight-piece capsule collection consists of the two "All Natural Lemon Honey" and "All Natural Cucumber Lime" soaps, as well as sustainably produced jeans, T-shirts, hoodies and beanies. However, the edition not only protects and saves water – it also donated a portion of the proceeds.

10 year anniversary campaign

In 2021, Stop the water while using me! was celebrating its tenth anniversary with a protest action. Since the foundation, the purpose-driven company has been committed to the protection of water resources, less packaging waste and clean waters. Current figures show: water protection is more important than ever. 20 members of the team are campaigning for more activism together with its community. For the campaign, a limited-edition protest shirt was designed together with the sustainable fashion label ARMEDANGELS, where every purchase becomes a donation.

“We can’t believe we’re still protesting this shit.”

The Social Soap Box

In collaboration with the non-profit design studio NOT FOR YOUR DISTINCTION e.V., we committed to helping refugees on the Greek island of Samos. Soap boxes were designed, produced and sold. For the production, we use plastic waste from old, discarded canisters.
We were mainly responsible for the creation of the visuals in the way of photos, graphics and a short showcase film.


Various projects